COVID 19 - Cardinal Food Safety and Business Continuity Planning

Food safety has been and always will be our highest priority. 

Cardinal has stringent production practices. Our plants are continuously sanitized and approved by the Canadian Food Inspection Agency every day. Existing environmental control infrastructure, hygiene, sanitation and good manufacturing practices safeguard our production environment from contamination of this nature. Further, our products are subjected to temperatures during manufacturing and storage in which the virus could not survive. 

We are actively monitoring staff for changes in their health status. We have enacted protocols to educate employees on the facts related to the outbreak, transmission of the disease and required practices in our facilities to prevent the spread of such a virus. The safety and well being of our employees, customers, suppliers and industry partners are central to our plans. 

Cardinal Meat Specialists Limited has initiated business continuity planning activities to  ensure that we deliver the inventory against forecast for the upcoming season. Our suppliers have enacted similar continuity measures and have provided assurance of no foreseeable disruptions in the supply of raw materials. We remain confident that we will deliver the agreed forecast, it is imperative that changes of any nature be communicated to assure commitments are validated. 

We are in ongoing consultation with CFIA, CDC, NAMI (North American Meat Institute), and local health authorities. It is important to note that the Center for Disease Control (CDC) has seen no evidence that the virus is transmitted through food.  Consumers that are seeking more information about Coronavirus (COVID-19), can visit any of the links below: 

Our team will remain engaged through this global concern, working to anticipate and minimize potential disruptions for our customers. We will provide additional information should the situation warrant further communication. 


Brent Cator - Owner

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