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Full Service Restaurant
At Cardinal Meat Specialists, we know that when people go out for a meal, they are looking for a delightful  experience. That’s why we stay on top of the latest consumer trends  and commit ourselves to developing innovative technologies like Natural Texture Forming® that give our burgers a more “chef-made” appearance and delivers superior juiciness and flavour.

Offering the most extensive variety of cooked and frozen burgers in Canada, including stuffed burgers with on-trend flavour combinations, Cardinal has a product and quality level that’s just right for your needs. We also  offer a collection of “Chef Inspired Recipes” that we invite you to call your own and even further customize to suit your patrons’ tastes.

Cardinal understands that of equal importance to the quality of food you serve, is your reputation and bottom line. As food safety leaders, our products and processes meet and exceed the highest safety standards established and monitored by governing bodies. The consistency of our products and recipes allows for greater efficiency in your operations; plus the ease of preparation saves time and labour costs. All of our products are portion controlled in convenient packaging to minimize waste and maximize yields — further saving you money.

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