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We know that supplying food to hard-working people in remote camps presents a challenge on many fronts. They expect and deserve meals that are both savoury and satisfying, while management is highly motivated to deliver fast service by the safest and most cost effective means possible. Cardinal is well equipped to help you meet these challenges with an extensive line-up of burgers and fully cooked proteins.

As industry leaders, Cardinal has developed the widest variety of cooked and frozen burgers in Canada, with a product and quality level to meet any budget or dietary requirements, including Halal and Raised Without® antibiotics, steroids or hormones. Proprietary technologies like Natural Texture Forming® enable the juiciest burgers when cooked to a food-safe temperature while reducing cook times for faster service.

With Cardinal you never have to choose between quality and economy. We don’t use organ meats or finely textured proteins, and our Federally inspected fully cooked process eliminates any harmful pathogens. A mouth-watering selection of hearty ready-to-heat products like Rotisserie-Style BBQ Chicken, Kettle-Cooked Pork Back Ribs and Roast Beef Au Jus are delivered in easy to open packaging that not only speeds up service, but also minimizes waste and maximizes yields. Plus we offer recipes and kitchen tested application ideas that will help add variety to your menu while controlling operational costs.

Want to serve up something really different? Cardinal has the in-house expertise and resources to develop custom products where volumes make it feasible.

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