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It’s no secret that burgers are an extremely popular menu item with the younger generation — and Cardinal offers the largest variety of both raw frozen and fully cooked burgers in Canada, with premium, mid-range and value options to address any menu price point. With Cardinal being an industry leader in developing technologies and processes like natural texture forming and sealed-environment cooking, you can rest assured that we have food safety for students and staff foremost in our minds. The convenient packaging and consistent portioning of our entire burger lineup also saves time, labour and clean-up costs while minimizing waste and maximizing yields. Specifications and Ingredients Decks are available to ensure your menu plan is followed precisely. Looking to provide nutritious youth-friendly menu options that extend beyond burgers? Cardinal offers a complete line-up of fully cooked products like rotisserie-style BBQ chicken, savoury pulled pork and ground beef that can be used in wraps, sandwiches and tacos, or served with a green salad.

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