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People are just as passionate about pizza today as ever. However, their expectations in terms of variety and choice go well beyond the typical pepperoni and cheese pie. Cardinal helps make it fast and easy to  completely satisfy your customers while meeting your profit goals.

As meat specialists with an in-depth knowledge of the latest consumer taste trends, Cardinal offers a large variety of cooked proteins that are seasoned with the most in-demand flavours and come already pulled, shredded, cubed or ground for the ultimate in ease of preparation and cost savings. Food safety and quality are top priority for all of our products. We don’t use organ meats or finely textured proteins, and our Federally inspected fully cooked process eliminates harmful pathogens.

In addition to crave-able toppings that satisfy meat lovers, Cardinal also offers fully cooked, ready to heat add-ons such as authentic ribs, bone-in chicken and burgers. These menu extensions can  increase your average patron check and maximize your profits, with easy to open convenient packaging that saves time and labour costs while minimizing waste. Cardinal also has the in-house expertise and resources to develop custom products where volume warrants. 

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