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We are fully committed to the marriage between convenience and flavour that keeps your customers coming back for more. Our unique technologies like Natural Texture Forming® improve the texture, juiciness and taste of the burgers you serve while improving the speed of service, due to quicker  cooking and longer holding times.
At Cardinal we really are “meat specialists”, staying on top of the latest consumer trends, so that you can offer your clientele in-demand options like Raised Without antibiotics or hormones, Halal and tempting stuffed burger creations. We also offer innovative recipe and application ideas to help keep your menu fresh and current with broad appeal.

We know that food safety and profitability are always at the top of your mind. With the largest variety of cooked and frozen burgers in Canada, Cardinal has a product and quality level that’s just right for your needs. And the fact that we are food safety leaders means you can feel confident serving our quality meat. All Cardinal products are portion controlled in convenient packaging to minimize waste and maximize yields. The consistency of our products and recipes allows for greater efficiency in your operations which saves you time and labour costs.  

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